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About Bellasera Alpacas                  


We heard the word "alpaca" for the first time in 2002 when we were watching a show about stocks and investing.

alpaca farm house mdBeing serious animal lovers we were quite intrigued by these creatures and our curiosity lead us to begin our adventure into the world of alpacas. Upon our first visit to an alpaca farm, we were met by 8 of the most adorable creatures we had ever laid eyes on. It was "love at first sight". Upon entering the field and being overwhelmed by their incredible personality, gentleness, curiosity and huge "cuddle" factor, we were hooked and fell deeper in love with the huacayas.

Our overwhelming desire led us to make our first purchase of four animals in May 2002. This package included three pregnant females and the 2002 Jubilee White Color Champion, "My Peruvian Euclid". At this juncture, we felt that agisting was the right course for us (we were in the mist of building a new home). How quickly we came to realize that we were totally wrong!

We realized that we wanted and needed these magnificent animals to live with us on our farm and that led to an extremely intense search for a suitable place to call home for ourselves and our "kids". We spent the next two years looking for a farm or property from Tennessee to Pennsylvania and of course Maryland. After numerous property disappointments, we found the perfect farm and purchased it within minutes of seeing it.

The farm is 15 acres with a 7,000 square foot barn and three new run-in sheds. Within 45 days of purchase we moved our "kids" into their new home and have had absolutely no regrets.

We believe these animals need 110% of ourselves and that nothing is too much trouble in providing a safe, healthy, and happy atmosphere for them. We feel that this is so little to give to them for all that we get in return. Looking into the wide, innocent, trusting eyes of such gentle faces fills you with an enormous feeling of protection and love towards these animals.

Our philosophy is to treat everyone that we meet along this journey with integrity and friendship. And to treat every alpaca we meet with love, compassion and respect.

Hence Bellasera Alpacas was born...